Cultivate to Culture. Everything starts with cultivation. TAKIGAHARA FARM is a farm house, once an old reformed Japanese house. From long ago till today, in the town of Takigahara, neither the mountains nor have the long culture of farming moved. Self-sufficient on rice and vegetables, helping and being helped by our neighbors, this place has helped us realise many things. This house has been standing for 130 years, and has long been the home to hardworking people of a hundred works. Today, it is a place for people, both inside and outside of this town, to interact. It is our home base, where we build our day-to-day life. This is a new era. This house open to the public, but we kindly request that those who wish to visit send us a message on the Takigahara Cafe homepage.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. You will find an abundance of food in Takigahara's beautiful four seasons. Our vegetables are grown at the foot of a giving mountain, through them you can taste the changing seasons. At TAKIGAHARA CAFE, you can have handmade galettes, made using local, Takigahara-grown buckwheat flour, along with soup and salad, all made from locally-grown vegetables. Experience the exceptional flavors in our homemade syrups, made from seasonal juices, and our freshly picked herb tea. Our ever-changing menu is influenced by our daily lifestyles, by knowledge passed down to us from ancestors, and by our strong communication with our producers. Starting with the local people of Takigahara, to those both inside and outside of the prefecture, the country, and from young to old, both female and male, we hope to gather many, many kinds of people and share delicious, exciting and entertaining food with everyone.

Business Hours:
Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon 10:30 - 18:00
Seasonal Galette 900 yen-
Coffee 500 yen, Herb Tea 500 yen,
Tea Soda 500 yen,
Seasonal Handmade Syrup Soda 550 yen


80 years ago, this stone warehouse was built. Today, it has been renovated to give birth to TAKIGAHARA HOUSE. This building remains a strong symbol of Takigahara's quarrying and agriculture culture. Takigahara is a small town with a cozy population of 170. TAKIGAHARA HOUSE is located at its tip, quietly situated at the foot of Kurakake Mountain, and houses only one group of lucky travelers. Life with Farm. Stay at TAKIGAHARA HOUSE, touch dirt, walk through the mountains, take deep breaths and simply feel good. Forget the mess of daily life, and focus on feeling good and giving good back to the earth. There may be only one cafe and two vending machines in this small town, but if you venture further you can find many spots where you can enjoy the best hot springs and taste the best of Japan's Hokuriku regional cuisine.



Old and new. Traditional and modern. A 100-year-old farmhouse converted into a temple of design. Zaha Hadid, Achille Castiglioni, Eero Saarinen, Jasper Morrison’s furniture fill the space. Local artisans create lacquerware and wood carving at our on-site craft studio. Stone quarries, charcoal-making, Kutaniyaki pottery, washi paper milling. Fine craftsmanship runs in the blood of this region.



1F, and you can enjoy Hokuriku sake and Japanese whiskey while surrounding the counter. In the lounge on the 2nd floor, we offer a space where you can relax while listening to your favorite analog record.
(Reservation required:0761-46-5621)

photo by Tomohiro Mazawa


People are originally meant to live as one with nature. And with that life, we were bless ed with beautiful landscapes. However, with the development of civilization we became more rational and more efficient, and at some point we broke away from nature. We forgot how to feel good and give good back to the earth.

Now is the time, we must seek a new kind of life with nature. In September 2009, we started the Farmers Market at UNU with a conviction. That is, the city seeks the farm, and the farm seeks the city. What's more, the future of farming is bright, but the potentials are hidden.

Using words, photos, videos, we communicate the farming lifestyle through new perspectives of art and design.

Life with Farm. A new style of farming. TAKIGAHARA FARM works with everyone in TAKIGAHARA to search for the possibilities of the future with the farm and the farming lifestyle.

Planning and Operations: NPO Farmers Market Association
In cooperation with: Hokuriku Old House Revitalisation Organisation


O-66 Takigahara, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture
TA-2 Takigahara, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture
15 min. by car from JR Kaga Onsen Sta.
30 min. by car from JR Komatsu Sta.
1 hr. by car from JR Kanazawa Sta.
30 min. by car from Komatsu Airport
30 min. by car from Katayamatzu Interchange